What is a virtual showroom?

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An entirely virtual space in which companies simulate a physical environment and incorporate 3D replicas of their merchandise.

What is the purpose of using virtual showrooms?

The goal of virtual showrooms is to give customers a superior buying experience than with static websites. Indeed, customers can visualize and interact with all the products in the showroom and therefore better understand the products for sale.

Do virtual showrooms actually make a difference to customers?

According to a study made by LCP360, buyers spend five to 10 times longer on websites with a digital tour. This is because they spark customer interest in your business and make your brand appear more sophisticated and desirable.

How can clients experience virtual showrooms?

Today, virtual showrooms require no software to be downloaded and can even be integrated into a web page through a simple URL link, making them convenient for clients and versatile for businesses.

How can Visao’s experts help you?

If you need additional details and even customized recommendations on how to make a virtual showroom of your products, contact us and we will be happy to assist you in your efforts!