What is a virtual showroom? Bring your products to life with a digital showroom

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What is a virtual showroom?

A virtual showroom is an entirely virtual space in which companies simulate a physical environment and incorporate 3D replicas of their merchandise. Users can see the merchandise in question from all angles, zoom in and out of the display room and even see 3D animations.

To help you better understand how this virtual tool works, we have created a comprehensive article on everything there is to know about this increasingly popular technology. You will also learn how easy it is to configure your own virtual showroom with a web-based 3D product configurator tool.


A live example of a product in a digital space

Here is an interactive demonstration of a fully functional 3D virtual showroom designed with Visao’s 3D showroom software.


What is the purpose of using this technology for your brand?

The goal of virtual showrooms is to provide customers with a superior customer experience to that created by static websites. In fact, this technology can be used to enhance any type of shopping experience, from shopping luxury goods like handbags to buying engineering products. However, virtual showrooms are especially important for products that are difficult to transport in their environment, such as furniture or large manufactured items (save time on in-person transportation!).

Indeed, a buyer can visualize and interact with the product(s) in a realistic environment and thus better understand the product(s) on sale (without seeing them in person!).


Do virtual showrooms actually make a difference to customers? How can it help my product assortments?

Better online shopping experience process

According to a study made by LCP360, a buyer spends 5 to 10 times longer on websites with a digital tour. This is because an immersive, 360-degree virtual showroom sparks customer interest in your business and impacts your brand by making it appear more sophisticated and desirable. It also has a direct impact on customer retention! For B2C fashion companies, these kinds of digital technologies are a great way to present your latest combination of samples to a wider audience of fashion buyers.

Moreover, a digital showroom platform can help to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) ranking, as it will increase traffic to websites.

Stay ahead of competition

To be competitive, brands need to be present where their customers already are, and increasingly that means digital platforms. A digital showroom platform bridge the gap between online shopping and offline shopping. Indeed, you can take advantage of a virtual showroom to create a catalog of your products, present a specific product in its environment or even offer product demonstrations. That said, many people are still unaware of the different ways to use a digital reality tool, its benefits and how it can save them time and money. So it makes sense to start taking advantage of this immersive technology now and be the first to benefit!


How can clients experience a digital showroom?

Today, virtual showrooms require no software downloads and can even be integrated into a web page via a simple URL link, making them convenient for customer communication and versatile for businesses. In fact, this type of immersive technology provides the benefits of a physical showroom, but without the cost of physical maintenance, showroom representatives, space constraints and physical samples. Plus, as just mentioned, a digital showroom platform is web-based, which means you can use it with customers from all over the world, unlike physical showrooms that must be set up on-site (great for company growth!)


Which industries and sectors can benefit from a virtual showroom?

Companies in all industries can benefit from implementing this advanced presentation tool. They are especially effective in industries that sell products that cannot be easily shown in real life. With digital showrooms, these brands can display an infinite number of products without the challenges of space.

Brick-and-Mortar stores

COVID-19 forced brands, especially those with only an in-person focus, to rethink the importance of online visibility. With social distancing, customers now want an online experience as close as an in-person experience. Well, a 360-degree immersive virtual showroom allows you to do just that! Color options, detailed product descriptions, 360 degree images… These are all customizable features that are easy to add to any virtual showroom.

A Brick-And-Mortar showroom experience is also a great way to attract new customers, as it gives them the opportunity to discover products that are not necessarily available in their area.

Finally, virtual showrooms are a great way to help busy customers who don’t have time to walk around your store. In fact, you can set up an online appointment service and guide them through a digital environment of your store ( plus, it will reduce the average appointment time since you can do several at once!).

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Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers are using virtual showrooms to quickly put buyers to products fast and speed up the decision-making process. This is especially true for manufacturing companies that offer hard-to-transport/very large products such as trucks, warehouse equipment and medical equipment.

A custom showroom allows B2B buyers to view 3D product presentations and see how the products appear in a workspace environment (e.g., medical equipment in a hospital room) from the comfort of their seat. As a result, brands can save a considerable amount of money on transporting prototypes for customers to see in person.

And of course, no more showroom representatives or time-consuming product staging, it’s all online! Also, you can create unique 3D solutions and brilliant product staging that are easy to edit. Visao‘s digital showroom software is web-based, which means you can change your showroom program in real time.

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Want to take it to the next level? Start bringing online experiences to life with AR and VR! Here, you can try out Visao’s augmented reality feature. Just scan this QR code with an Apple or Android device.

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What are the best practices of a good virtual showroom design?

Here are some key points to consider when creating a showroom program for your business.

Use high-quality technology

Use high-quality technology to ensure potential buyers are engaged through the whole process. A lagging or glitchy virtual showroom will not create a positive immersive experience and may deter buyers from continuing their browsing. Consider using 3D or virtual reality (VR) technology features to create a more immersive design for buyers and produce a virtual sample as close as a physical space can be! At Visao, we use 3D technology to create a personalized 3D environment on the web.

Tell a story

Your digital showroom platform should tell the story of your business and how it can benefit potential buyers. Consider adding images and dynamic videos to your virtual showroom so customers can get a glimpse of your entire business in one page! In fact, that’s the beauty of a digital showroom platform: it’s easy to add tons of information, whether it’s product information, brand videos, product hotspots, product animations, product videos, etc. without the page becoming overloaded.

For instance, if you’re a manufacturing company, consider creating a virtual 3D background where potential buyers usually place your machine, say a warehouse. Add human figures (for perception), brand logos on the walls, and windows to make it realistic. This way, a buyer gets a virtual 3D product experience as close as having the machine in their own physical location.


How to make the most of of your virtual showroom

A great virtual experience is critical to your sales. If customers can’t get a good look at their digital asset (and don’t feel like they’re seeing it in person), they have no way to buy with certainty. You also need to make sure your online platform is easy to use and understand, so customers don’t get frustrated and abandon their buying process.

Here is a couple of questions to consider when in the development process:

  • Is there a customer service area where users can ask questions or get help with using the platform (as a digital showroom platform can be overwhelming for some)?
  • What information do my buyers look for when they are in person? How can I provide this information in my showroom (think 360-degree product imagery, video technology, virtual samples, online company brochures, etc.)?
  • What design requirements and customizable features do I need in my digital showroom software to satisfy my customers? (Hint: B2B and B2C buyers are looking for different things!)?


How can Visao’s experts help you improve your shopping experience?

Visao provides a web-based digital showroom software that allows manufacturers to use their CAD files to create interactive 3D product displays of their products for marketing, sales processes, trade shows and production. We also provide services to accompany you in the process of creating your own engaging experience in just weeks!

Ready to create your unique virtual 3D showroom with personalized advanced features? Request a virtual appointment of Visao’s 3D and augmented reality solutions and we will be happy to assist you in your efforts!

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