What is industrial 3D animation?

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An industrial animation is an animation of an industrial machine or product and its specific mechanism and/or range of motion. Its objective is to explain the functionality of an industrial product / mechanism / components.

Why use 3D animation for industrial products?

There exist an infinite number of ways companies would want to produce their products in 3D and include 3D animations.

For sales professionals, this feature gives them the ability to show realistic animations of 3D models that simulate product movements, processes, and applications in a single URL to potential customers, well in advance of a first meeting. This allows customers to have a better comprehension of the product of interest to them through a user-friendly and highly interactive way.

For employee training, instructors can use animations that provide explanations of specific movements, show assembly and disassembly steps and even how to repair a component.  

For marketers, 3d animations of industrial products on your website or even in product demonstrations reveal that your company is at the forefront of the latest technological trends and is certainly capable of designing innovative and professional quality products in the field. This means that it contributes to developing a brand image that reflects your company’s innovative vision, which is important in a highly digitized sales environment.

Here is an example of a series of 3D animations demonstrating the assembly of a product:


What about animations in augmented reality?

If your customers are redesigning their floor plan to accommodate your products, they need to know if they will be a perfect fit. Augmented reality gives them the ability to visualize the configuration and location of your machines, using a simple mobile device. By adding animations, customers can see the full range of movement of the machines in their own work environment, making their planning much easier.

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How can Visao’s experts help you?

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