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We build custom packages that suits your needs by giving you access to:

A 3D model editor to manage animations, lighting and textures of products

A content management system (CMS) for creating customized interactive 3D presentations with annotations

Hosting and 3D visualization within the Visao viewer

An augmented reality (AR) tool for iOS and Android compatible devices

How our pricing works

1. Schedule a first demo meeting with our team

The first step is letting us know your objectives for 3D model deployment. Our experts will then explain how our platform is easy to use and will create value through several use cases.

2. Participate in a pilot project & scope

Simplify your CAD models for a primary prototype to validate your use cases with colleagues, partners and customers to define use cases and an initial project scope.

3. Quickly deploy your new solutions

Our team has a selection of plans, ranging from entry-level to custom ones. In fact, Visao adapts to your needs and provides turnkey solutions, including the integration of the 3D viewer on any web page.

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What they say about us

Bruno Buisine

Marketing Director at Simard Suspensions

« Even the global leaders in our industry don't offer this platform yet. »

We knew that we had to create a 3D visualization of our products to better inform customers, since even the world leaders in our industry did not offer this. Once we found Visao, with their expertise in 3D modelling and Solidworks, the choice was easy.

Dario Zujo

Director of Business Development at Zilia

« With Visao, we can capture the attention of our audience and explain what sets us apart. »

Zilia’s device is generating a huge amount of interest in the medical world and we have a constant need to showcase it. When the pandemic hit, we needed to find an alternative to in-person demonstrations and that’s when we discovered Visao. The interactive 3D visual that was developed allows us to capture the attention of our audience, explain what sets us apart, and even collect several compliments on the presentation in the process.

Joey Hebert


« This technology will allows us to offer a unique shopping experience and boost our online sales. »

When we launched our multi-sport car roof rack, the MOS Rack, we knew we had to find a visual tool that helps customers fully understand the product when shopping online. Thanks to Visao, we can now show our buyers, remotely and fully interactively, how the MOS Rack works in 3D and even in augmented reality (AR) on a car. This technology will allow us, in part, to offer a unique shopping experience and boost our online sales by offering our customers a way to see and try our products virtually in the comfort of their own homes.

Would you like to see your products in 3D?

See your CAD designs in 3D faster than ever before

Our team of experts can create a prototype of one of your products and show you various practical applications of the 3D model. Let us guide you through the process and help you bring your ideas to life.

3D render of industrial machine

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