Convert CAD to 3D - Get your hands on powerful 3D models

Stop spending hours on your CAD models by using Visao’s 3D asset pipeline. Our industrial designers are experts in the creation of high quality 3D models to ensure a seamless customer experience when demonstrating and showcasing your many products. Whether it is on your site or in virtual showrooms, we can transform your CAD data into amazing 3D products quickly and efficiently.

Why should you use Visao’s 3D files?


Fast loading 3D files for a seamless user experience

Interactive 3D models will significantly increase your customer conversion and purchase rate, but only if it is done seamlessly. Embedded on your webpage using the IFrame functionality, Visao’s 3D files are ultra-lightweight, allowing for instant download and use by your website’s visitors.

Fully animated and interactive 3D models

Offering a great visualization of your products is an excellent way to optimize your customer’s online experience. Keep your visitors engaged on your online platform by providing them with relevant information and data about your products in an interactive way.


Customizable product models for all industries

Let your customers view your products in detail and customize them to their individual needs. Powerful 3D and AR tools like Visao can get your customers to spend 270% more time on your website.


Publicly accessible 3D models on the web

Share your 3D models without compromising intellectual property and share your designs on your site with interactive, effective and simple digital visualizations!

How does Visao convert CAD to 3D models of my products?

Visao automates the creation of 3D models from your CAD drawings, and offers integration and support services for clients wishing to integrate Visao 3D viewers on their webpage. Learn how using our platform for 3D customizable model production, optimization, conversion and animation is a cost-effective and efficient solution to improve your sales.

Upload your CAD data

Visao’s software supports CAD models and drawings from all major software, such as SolidWords, Inventor and Catia. As long as the exported file format is STEP or GLB, you’re good to create your interactive 3D models.

Visao automatically processes your 3D data

Our 3D team’s import pipeline takes care of preparing your 3D model from A to Z. No prior knowledge is required, as we take care of automatic hole removal, mesh decimation, mesh instantiation and everything else. A true turnkey solution for businesses wishing to showcase their products and optimize their CAD drawings.

That's it, your 3D models are ready to be published

You are now ready to use your models to offer 3D and augmented reality (AR) for your customers! Visao’s 3D models can be refined for realistic virtual demonstrations with :

  • 3D animations
  • Choice of materials, textures and colours
  • Component customization
  • 3D virtual environments

Which industries can benefit from our conversion services?


Take advantage of our platform to create a simple and dynamic experience for your industrial customers. Visao’s software is perfect for sales and services of industrial machinery!


Allow your clients to visualize your medical and health technology products with a customer-centric 3D product viewer. Provide valuable data and a better understanding of your assets to your customers with Visao!

Vehicle and transport equipment

Our 3D solution is perfect to expand your brand and product notoriety. Our software is designed to deliver essential demonstrations and visualization for your vehicles and parts.


The use of interactive 3D models and AR technologies has a strong effect on your marketing and performances. Increase your customer conversion rate and reduce your product return rate with Visao’s platform solutions!

Frequently asked questions

Have another question? Looking for more detail on our cloud-processing process? Talk with our sales team!

Visao uses GLB files to make the 3D models as versatile as possible and because of the significant advantages it offers in terms of file size and load time. Our goal is to provide your customers with a seamless experience and avoid drawbacks such as slow rendering of the model.

A GLB file will generally be 30% smaller than other file types, while still supporting motion and animation as well as supporting data (texture, shaders, geometry/animation, etc.).

Visao’s software is highly versatile and has cross-platform capabilities. It can be used and shared on any devices, such as IOS (MAC), Windows (PC) and Android.

The security and online protection of your 3D models is and will remain a top priority for Visao. We protect and secure your 3D models through Amazon Web Services.

We use the IFrame functionality to embed your 3D interaction models on your pages. It is a quick and easy way to display augmented reality products for your visitors.