Our 3D visualization services: Create 3D models from your CAD drawings

Trust our team of 3D specialists to create your 3D model directly from your CAD drawing.

3D visualization is becoming an essential tool when producing digital content, and leveraging 3D viewers to interact with clients could mean significantly improving your sales. Whether for prototypes or finished products, Visao’s visualization services offer a solution for companies looking to improve the way they engage with their customers.

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What Visao offers

Production of photorealistic 3D models from CAD models

Improve customer experience with 3D visualization

Our industrial designers are experts in creating high quality 3D products. Whether it’s by optimizing your CAD files to ensure a seamless customer experience once on the web or by creating 3D animations to demonstrate product workflows and processes, Visao transforms web-based CAD assets into stunning 3D products.

  • CAD file optimization and conversion
  • Workflow and process animation
  • Full production, training and resources

Editing of interactive 3D product tours

Better product understanding leads to increased conversions and purchases.

Once your 3D product models are designed, Visao allows you to edit step-by-step product tours in our 3D viewer for various use cases such as sales demonstrations, site product tours, training and after sales services. Our content management feature also allows for annotations including images, videos, URLs and multilingual text.

  • Step by step interactive 3D product tours 
  • One 3D model for multiple use cases
  • Multimedia annotations: text, images, videos and links

Integration and support of the viewer on any web page

Integrate Visao’s 3D viewer anywhere on your website within minutes

Need help integrating Visao 3D viewers on your web pages? We provide integration and support services with developers or agencies to get it done in minutes. For custom features, integration and connectors, contact us to assess your custom development needs.

  • Webpage integration, support & resources
  • Custom features & connectors

Why use VISAO?

Comprehensive information

Customers will now be able to experience and understand your product’s benefits thanks to the amount of information offered by Visao’s 3D models. Whether for virtual showrooms, in a marketing effort or simply on your webpages, various products can be demonstrated in an interactive way to reduce the pre-purchase stress of your clients.

Seamless customer experience

3D product models are only an asset if they integrate seamlessly within the webpage. Visao uses the IFrame functionality and ultra-lightweight 3D files to avoid long loading times and ensure a seamless customer experience.

Intuitive, user-friendly models

Visao’s 3D models are designed to be user-friendly: animate, move and zoom in on product models with a few clicks! Incorporate multimedia annotations such as text, images, videos, URLs and multilingual text for better product understanding. Let customers see your products from different angles and customize them to their needs with 3D visualization!

What can Visao do for your products?

3D model production

Produce enhanced 3D models directly from your CAD files.


Optimize CAD files for lighting fast download on a web browser.


Adapt CAD files format to web format for all models.

3D Animations

Create realistics 3D model animations and simulate product movements, processes & applications.

Website integration

 Integrate any Visao 3D viewer on a website or in any webpage.

Custom development

Create custom features, connectors and integrations tailored to specific needs.

Software Training

Boost your team’s efficiency with an expert in SolidWorks and Blender. Learn to deliver high-quality 3D models faster with the right software.

Technical support

Receive quick answers to all your problems and questions.


Access guides, tutorials, and more to support your visual tools.

Want to know more about how Visao’s visualization services can meet your needs?

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Frequently asked questions

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When selling a product or idea, it is essential to convey the right image and information to your potential customers. People judge the quality of your products or concepts by their visual design, and a 3D visualization is often the first thing your customers will see. This first impression will define their perception: 3D visualization tools can help you make the most of it!

3D models are powerful tools that allow your customer to participate in the development and design of a new product, as they will see and understand it clearly. This ensures that the customer’s needs and wishes are met, avoiding potentially costly mistakes later in the development process. The additional information also reduces pre-purchase stress and shows your expertise to the customer.

Integrating 3D visualization early in a project can help you reduce both time and costs by avoiding unnecessary changes. Visao can help you with this, please contact us about our interactive 3d models.

There are various ways to create accurate, high-quality 3D models, but the most popular options use CAD software. Visao’s technology uses STEP files, which are transformed into animated, interactive 3D models using a web-based platform.

Creating a 3D model from a CAD drawing offers multiple benefits to companies that want to develop a new product or improve their customer experience and sales. However, it all comes down to one thing: you don’t need a physical model. Using our platform allows you to develop or present products that don’t yet exist. It can be much easier, faster and more cost effective to model directly from CAD drawings than to create a physical model.

3D visualization is the process of creating a graphic design using 3D software. It is used in various industries such as engineering, manufacturing, architecture, interior design and media for a variety of purposes.

Engineering, manufacturing and product design industry

3D visualization can improve the manufacturing process of new products or machines in the early stages. Creating 3D models that respect the specific parameters and data of the potential new product, such as material, weight, size, and other parameters, allows to simulate their use and detect defects and improvements without building a prototype.

It is also useful for product manufacturers who want to improve their customers’ experience by offering immersive and interactive 3D viewers on their pages. Giving customers and potential customers the ability to visualize a product and better understand its functionality, design and use has proven to be incredibly beneficial to sales and customer satisfaction. Click here to view case studies on our 3D visualization services.

Marketing sector

Advertising is always trying to capture the attention of potential buyers and convey as much information as possible as quickly as possible. This is where models created using 3D software can make a product stand out more than any number of still images.

With 3D models, marketers are able to advertise their products more effectively when presenting them to potential buyers at a meeting, in a showroom or simply on a web page. Implementing interactive 3D models of your products has been shown to increase the amount of time customers spend on a website, while improving conversion rates and sales.

Architecture and interior design industry

Recreating an architectural environment and presenting a final design to clients is a powerful tool for architecture and interior design. Immersive 3D visualization offers the ability to present elements such as layout, lighting, or even geographic features before a project begins.

Visao uses IFrame functionality to embed 3D product renderings on web pages. This is a quick and easy way to display products in augmented reality for customers and increase conversion rates.

Visao strives to provide a fast and effortless experience for its customers. To speed up the integration process, our services also include integration and support. Whether with developers or agencies, the integration of interactive 3D models can be done in minutes.

Visao uses GLB files to make 3D models as versatile as possible and because of the significant advantages they offer in terms of file size and loading time. It also avoids drawbacks such as slow model rendering. A GLB file will generally be 30% smaller than other file types, while supporting motion and animation as well as supporting data (texture, shaders, geometry/animation, etc.).

Visao offers a complete service when it comes to creating a 3D visualization from your various CAD drawings. The creation of your 3D models is done in 4 simple steps and, if needed, we have the ability to integrate the models into your online platform. Take advantage of :

  • 3D animations
  • Choice of materials, textures and colors
  • Customization of components
  • 3D virtual environments


Offer a differentiated experience to your customers today with Visao 3D visualization!

3D visualization and 3D rendering are often found in projects, but they are not the same thing. 3D visualization software is used by designers to develop a 3D model of a product, which they can work on. These product design visualizations include as much detail as possible and are digitally processed on a computer. The result is a digital image that allows them to work on a model that meets all the specifications and requirements of the object.

3D rendering, on the other hand, is a process that usually follows the creation of a 3D model using visualization software, where two-dimensional photorealistic imaging of the 3D models is performed. The purpose of 3D rendering is very simple: to allow viewers, clients and designers to review the entire design process and show how everything will look in the real world, working with elements such as color, shadows, light intensity and more.