online 3d model viewer

What is an online 3D model viewer?

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A web-based tool that allows users to view 3D objects directly in a browser.

What is the utility of a 3D model viewer?

A 3D model viewer creates customer value and provides a powerful, action-oriented demonstration with step-by-step annotations, animations and specific camera views. 

It is much more informative than static images or videos, as sales experts can add text, images, videos and links to data sheets to enhance them.

For concrete use cases from companies using 3D model viewers, click here.

Is software needed to visualize an online 3D model viewer?

This viewer does not require any software or download to use because it is integrated directly into the browser.

How can a 3D viewer be integrated into a browser?

To visualize a 3D viewer on a web-page, they are embedded in an iFrame. An iFrame is a frame that displays an HTML page within another page. 

Here is an example of an online 3D viewer:



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