Understanding the Key Differences: 3D Rendering vs. 3D Viewer

Discover the difference between 3D rendering and 3D viewer as well as the benefits of the latter for your business. Find out about 3D viewing costs!
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Manufacturers and designers can now employ 3D different tools to bring their blueprints to life. 3D rendering services have significantly transformed the design industry, and now every product development team uses 3D modeling to craft their product design. The design process is one of the most important aspects of any product’s life cycle, as it is the initial step to give it existence.

Before the advent of 3D rendering services, architectural visualization required a lot of resources. Teams of designers and artists had to brainstorm together to create thousands of samples for one to be finalized as the final product. In 3D modeling, the design process becomes less time-consuming, so designers can make changes to the same prototype by applying different colors, features, and elements.


What is 3D rendering and visualization?

3D rendering and visualization is a computer graphics process that uses three-dimensional data and models to create a visual experience with depth. Since the digital model is 3D, these amazing visuals can be looked at from all angles.

3D rendering has revolutionized the design industry by offering a more practical solution for designing without the hassle of investing in prototypes that will never see the day. Not only does it save material costs, but it also saves a lot of time. The use of modeling software to create 3D visuals can teach or show potential clients what a particular machine is capable of.


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What is a 3D viewer?

3D viewing is the process of creating and inspecting 3D objects or scenes from any spacial position. Objects in a 3D viewer project are known as 3D models, and they can take whatever shape the person who handles the software gives them.

Here is a live example of an online 3D viewer:


What is the difference between 3D rendering and 3D viewer?

The main difference between 3D rendering and 3D viewing is that 3D rendered images show a finalized process that can’t be further iterated upon. It is a still image. In contrast, a 3D viewer allows customers to interact with a 3D model. With a 3D viewer, it is also possible to easily review and modify its content. It is much more engaging than a 2D image.


Benefits of 3D viewer

Here are key benefits of a 3D viewer:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Professional efficiency
  3. Skill externalization
  4. Eye-catching marketing
  5. Precise evaluation


1. Flexibility

Using a 3D viewer, you can easily make changes in your design without worrying about the effort and cost of a new prototype. It gives you an upper hand in designing and allows your imagination to roam free. Simply reload your CAD file into the 3D viewer and it will automatically display the new version. No additional cost.

2. Professional Efficiency

3D viewing optimizes efficiency as it does not require a lot of human labor to create a prototype or need multiple models for slight changes. If the original design must be altered, it can be done on the spot without spending any extra money and wasting hours to incorporate the modifications. Indeed, only a CAD file is needed to use a 3D viewer.

 3. Skill externalization

Rather than having an in-house designer, it’s possible to externalize this cost by opting for 3D model services such as those offered by Visao. A 3D artist should have relevant experience in handling CAD software. In the right hands, modeling software can create photorealistic 3D products of anything. Additionally, this means you won’t have to pay for the expensive monthly license of a modeling software!

4. Eye-Catching Marketing

One of the distinctive features of 3D model viewers is that it develops dynamic designs which  create memorable visual experiences in the minds of potential clients. Employing the latest visual modeling software to showcase your product or service reflects positively upon your brand.


5. Precise Evaluation

The other great benefit of 3D viewers is the precise measurement of little details, representing the real dimension and size of the product. Photorealistic 3D models of production models or engineering visually demonstrate to potential clients if your business does what they are looking for. A digital model can easily be shared and save people the trip to the factory.


What is a virtual showroom?


What can impact 3D rendering costs?

To have a complete picture of the standard price brackets, let’s divide the major industries into different sections according to their price range.


3D Floor Plan 300 $ – 500 $
3D Interior Rendering 300 $ – 1500 $
3D  Exterior Rendering 300 $ – 1000 $
3D Aerial Rendering 500$ – 2000 $
3D Animation 100 $ to 300 $ per hour

3D Floor Plans

The floor plan consists of different layouts. They can be remodeled or be built from scratch according to client needs. This allows your clients to go through different options before selecting the final plan. The price ranges from 300 $ to 500 $ for 3D floor plans.

 3D Exterior Rendering

Exterior rendering projects are in high demand in the design industry. They can be built in numerous ways, such as crafting the final shape of product design or including other features to enhance the texture. The price range for exterior 3D modeling is from 300 $ to 1000 $.

3D Interior Rendering

When it comes to designing the aesthetic look of the interior, 3D modeling software provides multiple easy options to make changes in the interior element of what is being digitally put together. If you wish to show your client the inner working of your machine, this is what you’re looking for. The price ranges from 300 $ to 1500 $ depending on the project.

3D Aerial Rendering

The aerial rendering is an impressive feature that gives a bird’s eyes architectural visualization of your visual. It covers multiple projects within one frame and provides eye-catching designs. This service price ranges from 500 $ to 2000 $.

3D Animation

3D animation is the most complex and expensive 3D service. To put images into motion, you need to combine multiple frames for the complete movement of a virtual object. The price range for 3D animations ranges from 100 $ to 300 $ per hour.


What is industrial 3D animation?


What costs can you expect for a 3D viewer?

3D viewers are often used in commercial activities to generate marketing material in order to increase demand. The prices vary from project to project depending on what must be rendered three dimensionally and the 3D production company.

At Visao, we build custom packages that suit your needs by giving you access to:

  • A 3D model editor to manage animations, lighting and textures of products;
  • A content management system (CMS) for creating customized interactive 3D presentations with annotations;
  • Hosting and 3D visualization within the Visao viewer;
  • An augmented reality (AR) tool for iOS and Android compatible devices.


3D Viewer Pricing


Pro Tips for Cost-Cutting Methods

Here are tips for reducing the cost of a 3D viewer model:

  1. Set an appropriate delivery time
  2. Give every little detail
  3. Select off-the-shelf elements


1. Set an Appropriate Delivery Time

You should avoid urgency and set a reasonable deadline for the 3D company. Give them a good amount of time so that they can test the best to make a quality 3D model. If they have to liberate their schedule to accommodate your due date, you can be sure the price tag will reflect it.

2. Give Every Little Detail

Miscommunication is one of the most common reasons for the failure of any project. Not providing all the information that must be part of the photorealistic design will result in extending the deadline and an increase in the price for the 3D services. Consider having an engineer vulgarize what the dynamic design should represent.

3. Select Off-the-Shelf Elements

There might already be a model (or part of a model) which is similar to the one you would like to create, so always check their collection before asking for the final quote. This can save you a lot of money!


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In this modern age of online selling and digital customer experience, using quality 3D viewer software and different technologies for creating stunning designs is a great way towards innovation and success. With the right 3D viewer company, you can create the next big thing your business requires.

Visao’s 3D product visualization service is the answer for marketers looking to create engaging and immersive experiences for potential clients. We develop accurate and interactive 3D animated models that illustrate your product or service in motion. Visao is one of the few companies that have mastered web-based and photorealistic 3D product viewers, so you can trust our expertise.

Visao is a web-based platform that empowers manufacturers to share their industrial designs and create interactive, simple, and effective digital visualizations to provide sales and marketing teams with the means to showcase their organization’s products. Our 3D viewer services are customized according to each client’s budget. At Visao, we are a team of creative and hard-working individuals, on a mission to deliver high-end service to our clients.

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