What is a 3D product configurator?

A 3D product configurator is a software tool that can help you create realistic products faster and easier.
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An interactive online platform that allows users to customize elements such as colors, materials or even components of a 3D model. The configurator allows us to see all the possible aspects of the product. It’s also a tool that can work as a selling tool for sales agents or for shoppers to customize their product.

Its objective is to allow users to replace specific elements with other elements to create their customized product.



What is the utility of a 3D product configurator?

This interactive digital platform lets buyers get an instant visualisation of their unique solution, get an automatic quote, and even view realistic animations that showcase the best features, all on one screen. It is a convincing way to reveal specific features that cannot be seen well with regular images.

On the other hand, 3D products are great tools for advertising, marketing, and making any web page much more engaging. That being said, we can benefit from this tool while it increases production efficiency and sales.

Take a look at this blog article for more detail on what can a 3D product configurator do.


What are the advantages?

Adds value to the customer experience

First of all, having a 3D product configurator will provide an engaging customer experience by boosting their productivity. That being said, the use of the 3D product configurator will give your shoppers ownership of the product to entice a sale while showing every potential customization in real time.

Secondly, the configuration of highly complex products as 3D assets allows the customer to have freedom to customize the product and adapt it perfectly to their needs, which brings in the wow factor. All in all, the customer behavior is now different because they now have ownership of the product, making them more likely to press the buy button. That being said, the experience for customers with the use of configurable products has now been elevated because of the fact that their choices are unlimited, giving them a sense of freedom.

Thirdly, it will give you the wow factor and set you apart from your competitors. Having the option to purchase custom products via a visual product configurator will allow the consumer to meet all of their own needs. Moreover, having personalized products will set you apart from competitors and boost your brand image. They will have liberty when it comes to deciding the product concepts and the product features, resulting in an awesome customer experience.

Visao has created a customizable 3D model for GolfIn, which showcases different options for customization.



Facilitates manufacturing activity and the selling process

The selling process, which connects your store to the manufacturing and supply chain, is also much more convenient when using a 3D product configurator because it makes communication super clear and leaves no room for errors. Having a 3D Product Customiser will help your business reduce your stock quantities because the main issue is producing additional products that are not in demand, making the cost of production, storage and logistics higher. With a 3D configurator, you no longer need to anticipate risky production quantities, which means you avoid production of unsold stock. The selling process is a lot clearer with the pricing plans available and also more cost-effective knowing that the customer can directly customize the product and order it before hand. 

This 3D solution reduces lead time for potential customers because a faster turnaround on quotations is a competitive edge. By automating the quote-to-production process with Configure One’s CPQ product, sales and customer service personnel can dramatically reduce both the time required to create a quote and the whole quote-to-production process. It also increases efficiency, the average customer spend and the conversion rates, leaving happy customers. The increase in sales is also directly related to customer satisfaction. It also eliminates rework or backtracking during the process because, in real life, complex products have complex configurations and complex pricing, resulting in greater opportunity for human errors and by pre-defining rules that create only valid configurations and accurate pricing.

Gives you the wow factor and sets you apart from the competitors

Having the option to purchase custom products via a visual product configurator will allow the consumer to meet all of their own needs. Moreover, having personalized products will set you apart from competitors and boost your brand image. They will have liberty when it comes to deciding the product concepts and the product features, resulting in an awesome customer experience.



Reduces product return

The custom solution that comes from using a 3D product configurator is that it eliminates a fair amount of doubt in the customer’s behavior throughout the buying process and, therefore, accelerates the sales cycle. Knowing that the 3D configurator helps the customer better understand a product makes the decision to purchase much clearer for them and gives them more confidence because they can virtually try-out the product, which also means that the return rate would consequently be lower. That being said, their product/service understanding level is much higher because they can clearly see how the product works, the quality of materials, and how it would fit in any space while using the virtual reality tools.

Increases time spent on your website

This article from Visao explains how integrating a 3D viewer into your website can impact the time spent on it. Therefore, having a 3D viewer allows users to experience the product from any angle, zoom in for a closer look, and see every detail. Additionally, they can use the augmented reality feature to test out the product in real life. By doing that, they spend more time on the website and begin to develop more curiosity.

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Where are 3D Configurators commonly used, and what are their benefits?


In today’s trade show landscape, product configuration using touchscreen displays and interactive tools through a 3D viewer is becoming increasingly common. This allows both representatives and visitors to test out different options in a virtual environment. These high-quality and interactive images greatly enhance engagement and interaction. One popular method for product visualization is through Augmented Reality, which enables a virtual “try-on” system for an immersive experience.


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In-person visits by sales agents

Sales agents or sales team in general will find it very useful to use a 3D product configurator during their sales pitch because it is an amazing tool for demonstrating and adding value to sales. As a result, sales agents will use the core features of the 3D viewer because it brings the products to life. The 3D product configurators include core visual guidelines features such as dynamic animations, annotations, augmented reality, virtual reality, hot spots, and drag and drops to assist the seller in thoroughly explaining the product. For example, the seller will have visual cues and detailed descriptions, making his job a lot easier, such as materials names. Those very useful 3D product visualization functions can also be paired with a viewer API that customers can use to make informed decisions based on real-time price display, making it a strong call to action. For instance, allowing direct communication with the sales representatives.


Product websites such as in E-commerce platforms and online advertisements

Shoppers can now get an instant and accurate quote for their personalized item, as well as adjust configurations and see budget variations thanks to dynamic pricing. An online shop that is using 3D product configurators is enhancing the 3D shopping experience in both B2B and B2C companies with the display of complex configurations that are now a lot easier to comprehend. Online advertising is much more enticing and attention-grabbing because of the graphic qualities, such as the rich texture layers and details showcased, which encourage the consumer to add items to their shopping cart quicker and with more assurance. Here is an article that explains how you can drive more sales with modern configuration, pricing, and quoting.

How can Visao’s experts help you?

If you need additional details and even customized recommendations on how to make a 3D product configurator for your products, contact us and we will be happy to assist you in your efforts!

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