7 ways 3D visualization can accelerate your sales

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As the pace of technology accelerates exponentially, it has become more difficult for vendors to determine the smartest digital investments for today and the most profitable for the future.

Regardless of which industry you work in, here are 7 distinct ways 3D visuals of your business products can help you meet or even exceed your sales goals.

In fact, according to a Shopify study, products with 3D and augmented reality content have a 94% higher conversion rate than ones without these tools.

That said, if you are still unsure of how 3D visualization can improve your customers’ comprehension and ultimately increase your revenue, you will appreciate these seven strategies, especially if you’re in a B2B industry or even B2G.

1. Promote your products effectively by giving customers more comprehensive information

Today’s customers do 80% of their buying process on their own before contacting a salesperson. This means companies need to ensure their prospects have a good understanding of the proposed products before delivering any sales pitch.

The most effective way to provide valuable information to customers is by shifting away from static images and data sheets to interactive 3D experiences.

By animating your business assets in 3D, your company gives customers the ability to move them as they wish and even allow them to zoom in and out on specific movements and parts. You can also introduce interactive annotations, photos, videos, and hyperlinks in your digital twins to create an enriching online experience.

3D visualization of a truck suspension

2. Create a successful sales tool by providing a 3D product configurator

According to a study conducted by Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a company that provides personalized experiences. The most convincing way to reveal specific features that cannot be seen with images is to integrate 3D animations into a product configurator.

This interactive digital platform lets buyers get an instant visualization of their unique solution, automatic pricing, and even view realistic animations that showcase the best features, all on one screen.

A 3D product configurator increases customer engagement, which results in a significantly higher conversion rate for your business.

3. Get the edge you needed for your online demos with an action-oriented 3D visualization tool

Not only is developing an interactive 3D product demonstration as easy as creating a Powerpoint, it is also more effective in creating value for customers.

This way, not only do you create more customer value, but you provide a powerful, action-oriented demonstration with step-by-step annotations, animations and specific camera views. To further strengthen the demo, sales experts can add text, images, videos and links to data sheets to make it much more insightful.

Finally, your sales team can connect with prospects around the world in just minutes by sharing the user-friendly tool via a URL.

If you consider these elements, it is clear to say that you will be able to sell far more than just your product’s features, but rather an experience that customers won’t forget. To see how our client Zilia uses 3D visualization for its product demonstrations, click here.

3d visualization of a medical device

4. Reach customers in an engaging way with augmented reality

According to a study by EcomDash, 45% of online shoppers believe that augmented reality (AR) saves time on their decision making. This means that AR is more likely to engage prospects than a PowerPoint and videos. Why? Augmented reality plays an important role for complex innovations, as it allows customers to experience the product in their own surroundings- and not just on a screen- at a realistic 1:1 size for space planning.

As a result, your prospects will remember your items much more, particularly if your competitors don’t offer this option, and they’ll be much more likely to contact your sales team afterwards.

an iPad with augmented reality

5. Showcase your product lines in a spectacular way with virtual showrooms

A virtual showroom is a fully digital environment where your company can display 3D replicas of your merchandise. Offering a virtual showroom to your customers will transform a static list of products into an immersive, realistic and authentic virtual sales environment.

It is worth noting that according to a study made by LCP360, buyers spend five to 10 times longer on websites with a digital tour. This is because they spark customer interest in your business and make your brand appear more sophisticated and desirable.

Today, virtual showrooms require no software to be downloaded and can even be integrated into a web page, making them convenient for clients and versatile for businesses.

6. Reach hard-to-reach prospects with powerful content on social media and in ads

The reality is that people see about 1,700 banner ads, such as pictures and simple videos, each month, but only watch half of them. The good news is that ads with 3D animations, augmented reality features and even 360-degree views get 267% higher click-through rates than those without. How? This new form of display promotion encourages users to interact with your products and thereby creates a much more memorable experience for them. Additionally, your marketing team can convey much more information in a 3D animation than in a traditional static ad.

All this means that by effectively creating displays with innovative features, your business can defeat banner blindness for good and gain new leads.

3d visualization in Facebook ad

Pro tip: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the biggest social platforms where 3D models can engage final consumers.

7. Be one step ahead of your competitors at tradeshows and events

Conventional booths do not attract visitors, let alone potential prospects. Why? They don’t convey innovation and don’t arouse curiosity. Instead of bringing cumbersome and costly product demonstrations, your sales team can alternatively offer an interactive and immersive digital experience for attendees by adopting 3D models and even AR at events. So these tools are eye-catching features that draw more people to your booth and engage them once they’re there in a way that your competitors can’t.

You only have a few seconds to attract prospects and make them want to come and interact with your booth. It doesn’t matter if they want to talk to you or not. They will discover your product or service in a matter of seconds and that’s when the sales team comes into play.

Did you know? With a 3D visualization tool, you can save on trade show costs, which have increased by 257% in the past 20 years.

3D visualization in tradeshow

Where do I start?

It is compelling to see how these strategies can help your company reach hard-to-capture prospects, better engage them and provide them with meaningful information. In fact, 3D visualization opens the doors to many different sales opportunities for companies of all sizes and types.

Visao offers a web-based platform that allows manufacturers to use their industrial designs and create interactive visualizations of their products for marketing, sales process, trade shows and product customization.

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