How to display your 3D viewer at your next trade show booth

Learn how to make a lasting impact at your next trade show booth with 3D viewer displays. Elevate your exhibit with immersive experiences.
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In a world where first impressions sign bonus points, trade shows have recently become the ultimate stage for showcasing innovation and capturing audience attention. To draw people in and make their lives easier, exhibitors are increasingly turning to immersive displays.

In this blog, we’ll explore the concept of using 3D viewers for display at trade shows, unveiling the key to creating engaging and unforgettable exhibits.


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What is a 3D Viewer for trade show use?

It starts with a computer file called a CAD file. Manufacturers use CAD files to make very detailed digital plans of their products and projects. Then, with the help of technology, this CAD file turns into a 360-degree interactive model that you can access on a regular web browser.

This interactive model is like a virtual version of your product. You, as well as trade show visitors, can explore it from all angles. You can zoom in to see tiny details, spin it around to look at it from different sides, and sometimes even make changes to it in real time.

It’s way more engaging than just looking at pictures or regular demonstrations.

Try it out yourself here:


So, why is this 3D viewer such a big deal at trade shows? For the people running the trade show booths (exhibitors), it’s a fantastic way to show off their products in incredible detail. It grabs the attention of visitors and makes their trade show booth stand out in the crowded trade show scene.

For visitors, it’s equally cool. A 3D viewer lets you really get to know a product. It’s like holding it in your hands and exploring it thoroughly, almost as if you had it in front of you. This kind of interactive experience helps you make better decisions and leaves a lasting impression.

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In short

In short, a 3D viewer acts like a bridge between real products and the digital world. It takes your trade show booth design to the next level, making it more exciting and memorable for everyone. It’s a high-tech tool that transforms the whole trade show booth experience, leaving a positive mark on everyone who sees it.

Moreover, it also contributes to cost savings by allowing exhibitors to bring products virtually, reducing the need for transporting heavy and expensive materials and physical machinery.

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Advantages of 3D Viewers for Trade Show Use for Manufacturers

Now, let’s delve into the compelling advantages that manufacturers can harness by incorporating 3D viewers into their trade show toolkit.

Engaging the audience

First and foremost, picture this: 95% of users express a clear preference for interactive 3D viewing over video playback. This statistic underscores the innate appeal of 3D viewers. They don’t just passively watch; they actively engage. For manufacturers, this translates to an audience that’s not only interested but captivated by what they have to offer.

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Boosting Conversion Potential

60% of shoppers are more inclined to make a purchase after experiencing a product in 3D or augmented reality. That’s a substantial increase in conversion potential. It highlights the influence of immersive experiences on buying decisions.


visao 3D viewer editor platform

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Case study ANG - Larue


When trade show visitors can virtually ‘try out’ a product at your trade show booth, it significantly boosts their confidence that they’re making the right choice.

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Enhancing Brand Recognition

Now, let’s explore how these advantages can contribute to broader goals. Manufacturers aiming to enhance brand recognition will find 3D viewers to be invaluable assets.

When your booth exhibit stands out with interactive 3D experiences, it’s more likely to be remembered. In the competitive world of trade shows, that’s a distinct advantage.

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Igniting Customer Engagement

Customer engagement, the lifeblood of any successful business, takes on a new dimension with 3D viewers. Imagine attendees not just browsing your products but actively engaging with them. It’s an opportunity to spark conversations, answer questions, and create memorable interactions with customers.


In fact, research indicates that 66% of shoppers believe that 3D and augmented reality visuals boost their confidence in selecting the right product.


A Path to Higher Sales

Higher sales, the ultimate goal, become an achievable reality when visitors can interact with your products in 3D. They can scrutinize every detail, get a feel for how the product works, and envision it in their own lives. The result? A more informed, confident, and enthusiastic buyer.


Maximizing Impact with Strategic Booth Design

QR Codes

One simple and cost-effective method is through the use of QR codes. These are essentially digital shortcuts that allow visitors to access your 3D viewer using their own smartphones or tablets. It’s as simple as scanning the QR code, and voilà, they’re transported into the 3D product you’ve created.

Try it out here


What’s even more versatile is that you can print QR codes on various materials, from brochures and posters to flyers and business cards. This means that attendees can take a piece of your exhibit home with them, and whenever they wish to revisit your 3D model in their own environment, a quick scan is all it takes.

Bring tablets

Another engaging approach is to have tablets on hand, particularly larger ones like the iPad Pro, a favourite choice recommended by Visao. These tablets serve as dedicated showcases for your 3D models. You can walk visitors through the intricacies of your machinery or products with the tablet, providing an in-depth understanding of each feature.

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Moreover, you can take it a step further by enabling visitors to view the products in augmented reality, granting them a 1:1 representation of how the product would look in their own space. It’s a captivating way to demonstrate real-world applications and impress your audience.


Add TV screens to your booth layout

If you’re aiming for a grander and more attention-grabbing display space, consider harnessing the power of TV screens. Connecting your 3D viewers to large TV screens through Airplay or laptops offers a captivating, larger-than-life experience for your trade show audience.


These TV displays not only provide a larger canvas for showcasing your products but also create a bright and alluring presence within the trade show environment. The sheer size and vibrancy of the display are visually appealing and bound to catch the eye of passersby, piquing their curiosity and compelling them to stop at your trade show booth.

What sets this approach apart is its originality. While other exhibit booths may rely on traditional videos and static images, your use of 3D viewers projected onto TV screens adds a dynamic, interactive dimension to your exhibit. It’s a visual spectacle that leaves a lasting impression and sets your tradeshow booth apart from the rest.


Interactive TV Screens

For the event’ ultimate immersive experience, interactive TV screens take center stage. These tactile, touch-sensitive screens offer trade show participants and visitors a hands-on exploration of your 3D viewers, taking engagement to a whole new level.

Interactive TV screens are often the preferred choice when you want to maximize the impact of your 3D viewers at trade shows. They’re large, easy to use, and, most importantly, incredibly fun to interact with. Visitors can dive into your 3D models with a simple touch, zooming in on product details or rotating them to explore from every angle.

This interactive approach not only provides a captivating experience but also empowers visitors to take charge of their exploration. It’s an engaging and educational marketing tool that leaves a lasting impression.

When visitors can actively engage with your products in such an intuitive manner, you’re well on your way to creating memorable interactions and building a strong connection with your audience.


Maximizing the Impact

Here are some helpful key tips and strategies to optimize your use of 3D viewers:

Download Content for Offline Use

Trade show environments can be unpredictable when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity. To ensure a seamless experience for both exhibitors and visitors, consider downloading your 3D viewers‘ content while you have access to a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

With Visao, for instance, you can conveniently download the model once on Wi-Fi, allowing you to use it without the need for a continuous internet connection. The best part? No app installation is required.


Offer Multiple Ways to Access

Flexibility is key when it comes to accommodating different types of visitors. Provide various methods for accessing your 3D viewers, such as QR codes, TVs, and iPads. This versatility allows your sales team to choose the most suitable approach based on the preferences and needs of each visitor.

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Clear Instructions and Training

Ensure that your sales team is well-versed in using the 3D viewers. They should have a deep understanding of the buttons, features, and navigation within the viewer. Clear instructions should be readily available, both for the team’s reference and to assist visitors who may be less familiar with the technology. A knowledgeable and confident sales team can effectively guide visitors and create memorable interactions.

Engaging Content is Key

When crafting content for your 3D viewers, it’s crucial to create an immersive and captivating experience. Ensure that the 3D models and presentations are engaging, informative, and closely aligned with your brand’s messaging.

High-quality visuals, step-by-step animations, multimedia annotations, and even language pickers can be integrated to capture and maintain your audience’s attention with Visao’s web portal.



These interactive elements not only make your exhibit unforgettable but also allow for deeper engagement with your products and brand.


Booth design ideas: Real-world case studies

BWS Trailers

One compelling example of a successful trade show booth design and marketing is BWS Trailers, a company that participated in Conexpo, a renowned construction trade show.

BWS Trailers had a poster prominently displayed with all the QR codes that led to their different trailer 3D viewers, showcasing their innovative trade show booth ideas. This allowed visitors to easily scan the codes with their phones and explore the models at their own pace, a creative approach to engaging trade show attendees.

Additionally, they equipped their sales team with two iPads, incorporating these devices into their trade show booth layout. These iPads became powerful tools for demonstrating their trailers to clients, demonstrating how careful trade show planning can pay off.

Despite bringing only one physical trailer, the 3D models on the iPads allowed them to showcase the entire product range, effectively multiplying their trade show booth’s impact. It was as if they had brought twelve trailers instead of one.

To top it off, they connected one of the company’s iPads through Airplay to a TV screen, offering visitors an even larger-than-life view of their products. This clever use of technology and trade show booth design not only engaged attendees but also left a lasting impression of innovation and accessibility, showcasing successful trade booth design ideas and show execution.

YouTube video


Larue took their engagement to the next level by setting up a touch-screen TV. This interactive approach allowed visitors and distributors present to not only see but also actively experience the product setup. The result? A memorable display that drew crowds and sparked meaningful conversations.

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Metal Pless

They printed a massive QR code right on their machine, inviting attendees to scan it and explore their products in 3D. This clever use of QR technology allowed visitors to not only visualize the machine in three dimensions but also access the full range of Metal Pless’s product offerings.

a woman holding an Ipad with a 3D viewer of a machine

Ready to add 3D to your trade show booth ideas?

Are you ready to add the “wow factor” to your booth designs and encourage people to draw closer with eye-catching 3D experiences?

In conclusion, the advantages of incorporating 3D viewers into components of your trade show toolkit are undeniable. From captivating your audience and boosting conversion potential to enhancing brand recognition and igniting customer engagement, these immersive experiences are a strategic move for the trade show design of any manufacturer or exhibitor.

As you plan for your next trade show, we strongly encourage you to consider the remarkable impact that 3D viewers can have on your exhibit’s success. At Visao, we specialize in providing a cutting-edge 3D viewer web platform designed specifically for show designers and manufacturers. Our expertise and technology are at your disposal to create unforgettable trade show experiences for your audience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stand out in the competitive trade show landscape. Elevate your trade show booth design and brand, engage your visitors with the “wow factor” of 3D viewers, and leave a lasting impression. With 3D viewers from Visao, the future of successful trade show exhibitions has never looked more promising.

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