What is a 3D configuration?

A 3D configuration is a virtual representation of an object in three dimensions. Learn how Visao uses 3D configurations to help companies.
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A 3D configuration is a state or position in which a 3D model can be found. Each configuration is actually a variation of a 3D model, which is part of a 3D model viewer.

Here is an example of two different 3D configurations:

3d configuration of a car rack

3d configuration of a car rack

Each image represents a 3D configuration of the equipment.

Is it possible to modify 3D configurations?

Basic modifications such as texture, color and lighting changes can be made to make them as realistic as possible. They can also be animated to see specific mechanical processes and even add exploded views to better understand how components work.

With Visao’s platform, it’s even possible to add 3D annotations, which is to add a layer of important information to the configuration. This means you can add specific annotations to specific points on the model and include information about specific parts, photos and even videos of your product in action to provide a rich 3D experience.

What are the ways to benefit from 3D configurations?

3-D configurations offer many advantages for salespeople, trainers and customers. Salespeople can present products in their best light, highlighting the most important and critical features. This allows potential customers to better understand the product and make a more informed purchase decision.

For employee training, 3D configurations can be very useful because they show step-by-step how to assemble or repair a product or component. This allows instructors to illustrate processes in a more effective and interactive way, making it easier for learners to understand.

Finally, for customers, 3D configurations are an ideal way to view a product from all angles. Customers can see the product in its final state, as well as the finer details, which helps them make a more informed buying decision. 3D configurations provide a more immersive and interactive shopping experience that allows customers to better understand the product before they buy.

Want to see your product in 3D?

A live demonstration of Visao’s 3D and augmented reality solutions could give you a real-world view of how these tools can improve your business. Imagine being able to show your customers your products from all angles, annotate them to help them better understand important details, and even animate them to illustrate how they work. Or imagine being able to train your employees using 3D models to show them how to assemble or repair a product. All this is possible with Visao’s 3D and augmented reality solutions.

Don’t hesitate to request a live demo to see for yourself how these tools can help your business improve productivity, increase sales, and provide a better customer experience. Contact us today to learn more!

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