Help customers take full advantage of your product value proposition with a 3D product configurator

Creating stunning 3D product configurators of your products is now a piece of cake. With Visao’s web-based platform, you have the power to create a unique buying experience for your customers.

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Are 3D product configurators really the best media for driving consumer engagement?

Images, PDFs and videos have long been a great tool to engage consumers and help them understand your products, but they are no longer a distinctive tool. In contrast, 3D technology empowers your customers and allows them to fully understand the product through user-friendly interaction.

Don't let your buyers scroll through boring PDFs anymore

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Only using 2D technical images for marketing & sales content

Images and videos are not enough for buyers to see what they are buying. In fact, 95% of customers favor interactive 3D product visualization to videos and pictures. Why? 3D viewers provide buyers with a realistic view of what they are buying, leading to more informed purchasing decisions.

No interaction!

No configuration & personalization!

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Must be redone each time product characteristics change!

360 Product Photography

3D product photography is created by capturing a set of images and rotating them. The problem is that this time-consuming solution does not capture the full value of your product. Product animations and text annotations cannot be included. In contrast, with a 3D product viewer, you can deliver high-quality experiences that buyers expect.

Requires expensive product photography setup!

Rough transitions between point of views!

Must be redone each time product characteristics change!

Poor sharpness and clarity!

Not viewable from infinite vantage points!

This is how Visao can drive customer engagement

Customers develop a deeper understanding of the products and become emotionnaly connected as they learn through the product operates.

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Import & create your 3D model

Upload your CAD data (.step or .glb) from any of the major software programs (SolidWorks, Inventor, Catia, etc.), along with animations and product configurations.

What if I have no experience with 3D files?

No prior knowledge is required, as our 3D experts can take care of uploading and processing your 3D model from A to Z. Click here to learn more about our CAD processing services.


Create a step by step product demonstration

Create a step-by-step demo with specific camera angles for each of your product’s features to sell an engaging visual experience.

Do I have to start my demo from scratch every time I make changes to my 3D model?

No, you don’t! Our platform runs on the cloud, which means that every change is made in real time. Just refresh your URL link and you’ll see the changes made.


Integrate content using our CMS

Create more than just a 3D model! Add annotations with multilingual text, images, videos and even hyperlinks directly in your 3D product viewer.

Can I add multiple languages to my 3D viewer?

Yes, our platform supports over 50 languages. Buyers have the option to choose their preferred language from the built-in selector.


Customize your 3D viewer interface

Once your 3D model is ready, customize your user interface to your liking! Predefined themes, colored buttons, augmented reality features, integration settings, everything is yours to control!

What if I do not know how to integrate my 3D viewer to my website?

Our platform provides a step-by-step procedure on how to easily integrate your 3D viewers on any website or platform! Our 3D experts are also available to help you in this matter.

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