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Alex St-Onge

Marketing Manager for Larue
Our experience with Visao has been excellent from the start as we were quickly taken care of and our needs were 100% understood by their experienced team. We are already saving a lot of time and money on travel and transportation of equipment because we are now able to present an identical and customizable 3D version of our products! This is simply amazing.
3D render of a snowblower

Jessica Gagnon

Marketing Coordinator for SBI
As our products are relatively expensive and large, Visao allows us to offer a solution to one of the biggest deterrents to our customers’ purchase. It’s almost as if they see the product in-store, and can see all the features of the product projected in their own environment.
3D render of a fireplace

Joey Hebert

President for MOS Rack
It’s much easier to get people to understand the full functionality of our product because of Visao. The high quality of the renderings and the multiple viewer capabilities we can have in multiple locations makes adoption and integration easier.
3D render of a car