What is a HDRI environment?

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A 360 degree image that is wrapped around a 3D model for lightning and background purposes.

What is the purpose of using HDRI environments for 3D models?

With the addition of an HDRI environment to a 3D model, a detailed and realistic rendering of reflections can be achieved.

How to know which HDRI environment to pick?

3D experts typically choose an HDRI environment that represents the location of the physical 3D object. For example, an HDRI environment of a forest can be applied to the 3D model of a mountain bike to give a more realistic impression of the model.


Why do 3D experts use HDRI instead of LDRI for their models?

3D experts use HDR images rather than low dynamic range (LDR) images because they can store much more brightness.

JPG files, the most common file type for images, use a low dynamic range (LDR). This means that it can only contain a small range of brightness, precisely from 0 to 255.

In an HDR image, the range of brightness is virtually infinite, which is why it is used by 3D experts.


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